About Us

Something Strong is a brand of men's apparel and accessories that doesn't take itself too seriously. We make things that we like, and we hope you like them to.

The brand started as a side project of pants and quickly gained a lot of followers. We knew we were on to something so we added in new product categories that we liked and kept trucking along.  

If you ever need anything from us, you can reach us here: paul@brandbreeders.com.  You can call us but we're definitely faster over email. The phone number is: 800-410-2074.  If you're still having trouble reaching us, you can email our founder Parth Sharma directly.  His email is parth@brandbreeders.com, and he always responds personally to emails (no assistants, no virtual secretaries, just him).  That's a picture of him with his two kids below:

This picture was taken in New Jersey in the summer of 2016.  Anyone that knows Parth will tell you that he now has quite a few more grey hairs than he does in this picture.