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Strong Boxes

When you think of strong boxes you might think of this:   That was a strong box.  But maybe you think of this:   Or you might even think of this:   All of the above are great examples of strong boxes.  Check out our strong boxes They're not exactly the same as the other boxes mentioned in this blog but we think they're pretty cool.   If you're still reading (cheers to you!) we'll explain what our strong boxes are all about.  Actually...scratch that, they're pretty self explanatory...let's use this space to show a picture of a a ridiculous box

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A tie is not a win...except when playing the lottery

In politics or sports you don't want to see a tie.  You want a win.  Spectators want a win, not a tie.  Some of the worst ties in history are listed below:   2002 MLB All Star Game   Lenox Lewis Vs Holyfield   These ties were no fun.  One of the only situations in which a tie is acceptable is when playing lottery.  If you tie you still get money.  Some money is better than no money so that's a win in our book What does all this have to do with the Something Strong brand of men's clothing and accessories you might ask?  It's a long winded way of us announcing that our ties are back.    ...

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See It in Action!

Now you can see us in action!  No, we don't mean like this guy:   Our parent company, Brand Breeders Inc, has create a YouTube Channel to help show fits and details of our products that you can't normally see from standard images.  Check it out!   This is our "Something Still" Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt Launching next month:  

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